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Cadick Corporation

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Flash Hazard Analysis If electrical safety is your responsibility, check out these resources

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Our Services are brought to you by experienced engineers, each with at least 15 years of industry experience and include:
 + Engineering studies such as flash hazard analysis, short circuit analysis, protective device coordination, harmonic surveys, motor starting, load flow, grounding and much more
 + Comprehensive Safety Audits
 + Development of computerized relay test procedures
 + Condition based maintenance program development
 + Training in areas such as electrical safety, system operations, maintenance and testing
Our Philosophy
 + Keep our clients operating safely and efficiently
 + Customize our service to meet each client's unique needs
 + Establish quality and build trust with clear and open communications
 + Strive to meet and surpass the quality expectations of each client

Safety Resources

Free Technical Information
Be sure to check out the free Technical Papers and Computer Programs that are available on our site.

Cadick Corporation
PO Box 495578,  Garland,  Texas 75049-5578
Toll Free Phone: 800-931-8573   Local Phone: 214-666-8488   Fax: 214-722-0070

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