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Flash Hazard Analysis
Always at the leading edge of technology, Cadick Corporation is the first engineering firm to offer flash hazard analysis. More details.

System Stability
Cadick Corporation models your power system using our state-of-the-art analysis software. We then perform various transient and/or steady state stability studies to determine whether your system will return to normal operation following a short or long term perturbation.

Short Circuit Analysis
A short circuit analysis is performed to determine the adequacy of your interrupting devices (such as circuit breakers) and to identify correct set points for instantaneous elements. A short circuit analysis is required for proper sizing of circuit breakers and/or fuses.

Protective Device Coordination
Using a graphical software program, Cadick Corporation selects optimum set points for you time overcurrent devices. Such a study is necessary to insure that only the minimum amount of your system is de-energized when a short circuit occurs.

Load Flow
A load flow study calculates the currents, voltages, and phase angles for each bus in your system. This information is used to determine proper sizing of current carrying equipment, to identify overloaded devices, and to determine locations where power factor correction may be required.

Motor Starting
A motor starting study is performed to determine the voltages, currents, and starting times involved when starting large motors. Such a study is critical before installing a large motor to make certain that your system can start the motor successfully. It may also be performed anytime a change in the power supply is implemented.

Harmonic Studies
Harmonic studies involve a two phase approach. First your system harmonic levels are measured using recording equipment. Second, using a computer model, harmonic load flows, voltages, and currents are calculated. The results from the two studies are compared, and trouble spots are identified. The results of these studies can then be used to prepare corrective actions such as filters.

Reliability Analysis
Using standard IEEE models, your system operations are analyzed and compared to industry norms. Outage records which exceed industry standards are pinpointed and corrective actions are recommended.

Compliance Assessment
Your system installations are reviewed by our field experienced engineers. Protective schemes, classified locations, conductor sizing, transformer sizing, grounding, and many other items are inspected and compared to the NEC, NESC, IEEE, ANSI, and other applicable design and safety standards. If upgrading or modifications are required, they are identified in the final report.

Grounding Design
New or existing grounding systems are analyzed or designed according to IEEE standards. Properly designed grounding systems are required to insure safe operation.

Condition Assessment
The condition of your power system equipment is analyzed by a combination of on-site inspections, operational reviews, and test records analysis. Trouble spots are identified and corrective recommendations developed.

Engineering Design
Cadick Corporation is expert in the provision of small to medium size design projects. Our design expertise includes protective schemes, control systems, SCADA systems, and generation installations.

Engineering Documentation
Using AutoCAD software, we can update and or create single-line diagrams, three-line diagrams, elementary diagrams, and wiring diagrams. Our clients are supplied with paper prints, electronic files, or -- optionally -- both.

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