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Introducing a major NEW on-site training program.

Fundamentals of Power System Operations is a three module training course program that provides comprehensive training on the fundamentals for performing the following job duties:

 + Power System Dispatcher
 + Fossil Fuel Generating Station Switchboard and Control Operators
 + Hydroelectric Generating Station Switchboard and Control Operators

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 Each of the three training modules is conducted independently and is 2 1/2 days in duration. Information covered under each module includes:

 Module 1

  • Basic algebra & trigonometry (review)
  • Measurements for voltage, current, and impedance
  • Capacitance and inductance
  • Resistance, reactance and impedance
  • Kirchoff's Laws
  • Real and reactive power flow
  • AC power application and problem solving

Module 2

  • Review of basic electricity
  • Electrical systems elements and devices
  • Power flow concepts
  • Generation control
  • System operation economics
  • System constraints
  • Voltage control techniques

 Module 3

  • System performance characteristics
  • Effective dispatcher communications
  • Routine hazards and safety concerns
  • Generation of system equipment dynamics
  • Recognition of emergencies
  • Emergency measures
  • System restoration

To provide the highest level of training, quality and field experience, The Cadick Corporation uses only field trained, experienced operations personnel for our trainers. We have over thirty years experience in Power System Operations providing fundamental training for power system dispatchers as well as fossil fuel and hydroelectric generating station switchboard and control operators.

This series of three courses is intended for power plant and system operators in the control rooms as well as substation operators, non-utility generating personnel, large industrial plant electrical employees, system planners, interchange schedulers, system security monitors, generation dispatchers, outage schedulers and coordinators, electric power marketers and brokers, independent power producers, and any other personnel involved in the fast changing business of electric power control and dispatch.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of dynamic system events and be better prepared to make decisions to maintain the security and integrity of their generation and transmission systems.

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