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Safety Audits
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Flash Hazard Analysis

Safety Audits are conducted by knowledgeable, experienced professionals; and will assist you in reducing personnel risk and to assure compliance with applicable standards and regulations.

Our Safety Audits include:
 + an in-depth onsite inspection of your electrical system,
 + a comprehensive review of your present operating procedures and safety practices,
 + employee and management interviews, and
 + a comprehensive written report which includes:
  • identification of immediate life-threatening hazards,
  • identification of code violations,
  • observations and recommendations,
  • an equipment database with special consideration given to safety or operational problems, and
  • formal safety procedures developed at the request of the client. Examples include:
    • voltage measurement
    • lockout/tagout
    • use of safety equipment
    • switching and energy control procedures

View or download our electrical safety related service brochures:
SB004 - Electrical Safety and The Modern Workplace
SB005 - Electrical Safety Audits
SB010 - Electrical Safety Program Validation

Contacting us is your first step to a safer electrical environment for your facilities. Do it now.

If electrical safety is your responsibility, check out these resources:

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