Cadick Corporation - Technical Bulletin 006 - Symmetrical Components Overview
Technical Bulletin 006 - Symmetrical Components
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The method of symmetrical components is a mathematical technique that allows the engineer to solve unbalanced systems using balanced techniques. Balanced 3-phase Sytem Developed by C. Fortescue and presented in an AIEE paper in 1917, the method allows the development of sets of balanced phasors, which can then be combined to solve the original system of unbalanced phasors.

Figure 1 illustrates a balanced, three-phase system of phasors. Note that each of the three phasors are equal in magnitude and displaced by 120 degrees from the others. Further, the direction of positive rotation is counterclockwise. Such a diagram might represent the three phase currents in a normally operating power system.

Figure 2, on the other hand, shows an unbalanced system, where the phasor magnitudes are not equal, and the three phase angles are not necessarily 120 degrees.

Unbalanced 3-phase System

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