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Cadick Corporation provides practical training that works and is immediately useful on the job. On-site presentation means that your personnel receive training that is customized to your specific needs, equipment, and facility.

We use only skills-based procedures that students can readily apply on the job. Courses begin and end with student assessments to gauge the level of presentation and the results of the program. Cadick Corporation training programs are based on the achievement of defined behavioral objects.

Training Areas - View or download our Electrical Training Services brochure

 + Electrical Safety - NEC, NFPA-70E, OSHA, etc.
 + Flash Hazard Analysis
 + Short Circuit Analysis and Time-Current Coordination
 + Maintenance and Testing of Protective Devices and Other Electrical Apparatus
 + Power Quality Diagnosis and Mitigation
 + Grounding Systems
 + IEEE Color Book Training Courses - Red, Bronze, Gold, Buff, Blue, Emerald, Brown, Yellow and Green
 + Electrical Protection - Industrial, Generation Plant, Transmission, or Distribution
 + Grounding Systems
 + System and Generator Operations Training
 + Engineering -- System Design, Protective Systems, Power System Analysis, etc
 + System Operator Training

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